The Literature General course presents many perspectives on life, powerfully imagined and memorably expressed. One of the main benefits of literary study, particularly in a multicultural and diverse society such as Australia, is exposure to a variety of ways of thinking about the world. This Literature General course encourages students to relate their experience of literature to their experience of life generally and to learn that ways of reading texts and their readings of texts can enrich their understanding of identity, culture and society. Students are given the opportunity to read, enjoy and respond to literary texts, including poetry, prose fiction, drama and multimodal texts.

The English as an Additional Language or Dialect Foundation course is designed for students beginning to acquire English as an additional language or dialect. These students come from diverse linguistic, cultural and educational backgrounds: they are possibly new to the Australian education system, from limited or disrupted schooling backgrounds.

The English as an Additional Language or Dialect Foundation course focuses on the language modes of listening, speaking, reading and viewing, and writing in SAE. In order to achieve competency across these modes students explore and practice the linguistic structures and conventions of SAE, while they develop the sociolinguistic and sociocultural skills that enable them to interact successfully in contexts where SAE is used. At the conclusion of the course, students may access further training, education or employment and achieve their personal goals.