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Arduino Stuff
by Craig Blair - Thursday, 27 April 2017, 12:57 AM

As we continue down the road of STEM/STEAM we now have some Arduino kits onsite that will be used by Mike V, Tracey F, Craig B and Clarie M

Here is the link to the site with the tutorials.

Here is the link to the youtube video tutorials that relate to the kits. There are 5 tutorials in total.

Arduino Tutorials for Kit: KT0003

  • Part 1 -  

  • Extra notes for part 1: 
    • The introduction is good, explains the components of the kit
    • Requires you to download the Arduino software if it is not already on your machine, you can get it for Windows, Mac & Linux at You do the install on your own. Makes the assumption that you have done this bit.
    • Talks about the interface, assumes you have installed and know how to start it. Be aware that the software may open a previously opened file if the software has been run before. Going File --> New will get you to the same place. 
    • When you open the example "Blink" you will see LED_BUILTIN instead of 13 for the pin number. You can replace LED_BUILTIN with 13 to stay in flux with the tutorial.
  • Part 2 -  

  • Extra notes for part 2:
    • Good introduction on resistors
    • You will need a lead bender, diagonal cutters, coin bags and an ohm meter to test resistors. (These are not necessary but things you will need to get as you become more au fait with electronics) 
    • Doesn't state which way to lay a resistor down to read it so be careful here
  • Part 3 -  
    • Extra notes for part 3:

  • Part 4 -  
      • Extra notes for part 4:

    Here is a picture of Craigs attempt at doing all the tutorials on 1 breadboard. Mostly worked, need to watch out for things being on the same line getting power from other circuits.

  • Part 5 -  
    • Extra notes for part 5: