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Careers with STEM

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Careers with STEM
by Craig Blair - Tuesday, 29 October 2019, 1:18 PM
Careers with stem magazine
  • Discover how to launch a career in gaming development;
  • Learn how computer science can be used to connect us to culture, to health and wellbeing, in traditional careers like law and finance, in education to change the way we learn and teach, and to help us reach for the stars in Australia’s fast-growing space sector;
  • Find tips and advice on how to kick off your tech career, whether you’re starting or finishing high school or about to choose your electives;
  • Meet people with real-life tech careers working for organisations like GoogleAtlassian, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and CSIRO.
  • Access eventsprograms and tools to help you skill-up quickly or find your study paths.
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